5 Emotions to Eliminate From Your Life as You Heal

There are some negative emotions that have a function – they can bring us messages on how we need to change things in our lives or alert us to the fact that something’s just not right. When you want to positively move forward, some of these emotions can become an obstacle that will stop you in your tracks if you’re not careful.

Here is a list of the top five emotions to try to reduce or completely eliminate from your life if you want to feel happy, content, and be truly successful as you Heal, StrongBlackWoman.

  1. There is no emotion as harmful as Fear. Just about every negative emotion arises out of fear of some sort. When you learn that fear is a completely unnecessary emotion these days, you can realistically look at why you fear what you do. It used to be that fear alerted you to a potentially deadly situation (like getting eaten by a saber-toothed tiger). But nowadays, unless something is a potentially deadly situation, there is no need to let fear stop you from doing anything!
  2. Jealousy is an emotion that serves no good purpose. One way to rid yourself of jealousy forever is to practice gratitude. Instead of being jealous of someone else, practice thankfulness for what you have. This can really help to turn around this negative and potentially destructive emotion into something very positive that can help you in many areas of your life.
  3. Hate is the worst of the negative emotions and can be thought of as the most extreme level of some of the other negative emotions, such as jealousy. People who hate will usually have other deep issues that would do well to be brought out into the light and dealt with. If this sounds like you, reach out for help. There is no shame in getting help for something that you feel you can’t control, and you will be much more emotionally healthy in the end.
  4. Revenge is another negative emotion that serves absolutely no purpose. When you get revenge on someone, it doesn’t hurt them, it hurts you. Instead of seeking revenge, work on improving yourself. When you eliminate an emotion that is taking up a lot of emotional space and energy in your life, you open that space up to receive much more positive emotions, and those positive emotions will help you achieve your greatest successes.
  5. Greed is at the forefront of the downfall of many a nation, and it can be your downfall if you let it control you. In place of greed, again, work on improving your own situation so that you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Don’t give your precious time and energy to negative emotions – they drain out of you what you need to move forward and to achieve your goals. Now we’re all human, and sometimes negative emotions will arise, but instead of “stewing” in them, use them as motivation and information to help you determine what’s really going on, and what you need to pay attention to.