Starting my studies to become a Unitarian Universalist Minister is one of the most exciting and scariest things I’ve ever done. I’m now entering my second year in Seminary at the Starr King School for the Ministry, and while I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked before in school, I’m loving every minute of it!

I’ve been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Norwich for over 20 years, and “the call” to Ministry has been getting stronger the past few years. I’ve been asked by strangers if I am a Minister, and where my church is located – LOL – and I’m happy to continue my anticipated 3-year journey. Unitarian Universalism has provided me with education, solace, empowerment, enthusiasm, and a LOT of challenges – all of them worth it.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, developed new strengths, expanded on my love of public speaking to deliver messages that help others, and been encouraged to really LOOK at my reasons for doing what I do. As I continue to plan and execute sermons – some in my home church, some in churches around my local area (shout out to United Congregational Church in Norwich!), I’m refining my voice and really honing in on what it means to be the “DivaStyle Minister.”
Why “DivaStyle Minister?” It grew out of my former entrepreneurial experience as an Image Consultant and Coach. I defined the word “Diva” differently – Dynamic, Inspirational, Vivacious and Audacious.
    • I intend to use my ministry to encourage, empower and enthusiastically support individuals to become their most Dynamic selves – the brave, outspoken, powerful selves that I believe everyone has within them.
  • I want to Inspire people to live their best lives – the ones that make them smile, feed their hearts and souls, and express their authenticity and the depth of their being.
  • I will create Vivacious worship services that not only give the attendees a chance to enjoy worship, but leave worship empowered to make change happen in their individual lives, their families and their community.
  • Finally, I intend to be Audacious – tackling subjects that might not always be easy to hear about, but which need to be spoken out loud, in the context of a supportive spiritual community that encourages and honors the inherent worth and dignity of all people.
I’m looking forward to continuing my journey and excited to have the support of my family and my church in this endeavor. I want to learn everything I can about the art and heart of ministry, and to someday lead a congregation, a movement, or an organization that helps me to live out my convictions.
I will work hard to make all of you who supported me very proud, and to reinforce the most excellent foundation I’ve been given. I’ve been inspired, challenged and loved by so many people in my life:
  • My parents, Charles and Katherine Morton, and all my family members.
  • My teachers – those involved in my formal education, and the wonderful people who taught me SO much without the formality of a classroom or educational setting.
  • The people who showed me what NOT to do – how NOT to treat people, and who fired up in me my fighting sense…not necessarily a physical fight, but in practicing the raising of my voice for those who do not feel they can advocate for themselves.
My second year in Seminary will be a good one – I’m determined to make it so, and to continually review and expand what my advisor Rev. Christopher Long calls my “growing edges.” I’m ready to continue my journey – Let’s DO THIS!!!