I am BURSTING with Self-Confidence

I am bursting with self-confidence.

Self-confidence overflows in me because I have a clear understanding of who I am. I am the artwork designed by the hand of my Creator. I have a purpose that is being fulfilled at this very moment.

I live by my values instead of the opinions of others. I am happy with myself because I remain true to my beliefs.

Having self-confidence is about loving myself, not only when I succeed but also when I stumble. I see myself through the merciful eyes of my Creator. I am proud to be me whether I come in first or last.

I separate my value from my performance because everyone has days when they disappoint themselves. Those days make me stronger, because I choose to learn from them and try again.

I burst with self-confidence because my personal speech is filled with love. My inner dialogue is saturated with words of affirmation. When I fail, I boost my self-confidence by reminding myself of my strengths and the lessons I am learning in the process.

I encourage myself to discover new talents hidden within myself by pursuing new interests with passion. I overcome fear of failure with the flow of my self-confidence fountain.

Today, I choose to love myself by separating my value from my performance. I look deep within myself and see the person I am destined to become. Today, I choose to step in a positive direction.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I separate my value from my performance?
  2. How do I react to my own failures?
  3. What new talent have I wanted to pursue?