I employ my hand and heart to help those who are emotionally broken

I employ my hand and heart to help those who are emotionally broken and in need of assistance.

I understand what it means to feel emotionally broken. I also understand what can be done to move forward and return to a more positive emotional state. Because of my own experiences, I am able to be empathic towards others who are facing sadness, and show them one way toward recovery. My hand and heart are ready and willing to help those undergoing emotionally painful situations, because I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people.

I stand firm in my support of people who need emotional and spiritual healing and assistance.

I know that the loss of a loved one is enough to make those left behind feel sad, negative, and unwilling to continue living. When I encounter those who are facing such situations, I immediately recognize the need to get involved and try to pull them out of the darkness by first sharing my light, and then helping them to re-ignite their own light.

In cases where people feel worthless and unimportant, it is my duty to uplift and encourage them as much as possible. I urge them to make use of the life given to them in honor of their Divine purpose on Earth.

Today, I will extend myself to be a helper to those in need, especially those fighting emotional battles. I understand how easy it is to let negative emotions control other aspects of existence, so I make every effort to help in the healing process and help them tap into their strength within.

I believe I am here to support others around me.

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